How Beneficial is the Guava Leaf? Know its Uses and Benefits

guava leaves

People would probably know about the benefits of guava, but do you know that its leaves also have amazing benefits. Guava leaves hold a high amount of Vitamin C and iron. They are excellent for your health too. Both guava fruits and the leaves possess medicinal properties that can treat several health problems.

Here are some benefits and uses of guava leaves:

Treats Dysentery and Diarrhea

Guava leaves help in treating diarrhea. All you need to do is to take a handful of fresh guava leaves. After cleaning it well, make a paste out of it. Sprinkle salt in it and eat 2 to 3 times a day can easily kick away the problem. Besides this, you can also drink guava leaf tea. It is beneficial for abdominal pain.

Cures Anemia

Guava is a vitamin C rich food that is good for anemia. The benefits of guava not only lie in the fruit, but its leaf is equally beneficial. It prevents anemia from occurring. Guava leaves can increase the blood profile level. Consuming both guava fruits and leaves is useful for anemia.

Treats Cough and Cold

The immature guava’s juice or a decoction of its leaves helps in relieving cough and cold. It helps get rid of mucus and disinfects the lungs, throat, and respiratory tract. Moreover, take raw guava and cut it into small pieces, dries it up in the sun, then eat.

Improves Interest in Eating

If you are lacking interest in having food, then guava leaves and its skin will assist you in this problem. Even eating pickles prepared from guava can also help to deal with this problem.

Cures Acne and Black spots

Guava leaves are quite helpful in removing acne and black spots from the skin. It contains an antiseptic that helps to kill bacteria that give rise to acne. To get rid of this problem, grind some guava leaves, and apply it to your acne and dark spots area. Apply this regularly for a few days.

Helps Hair Growth

Guava leaves hold high nutrients and antioxidants as well. Thus helps to promote healthy hair growth. The application of guava leaves paste makes your hair smooth and glossy and also boosts volume.

Treats Plaque

Guava leaves can treat teeth and gums associated problems. Due to its antibacterial qualities, it helps to control plaque. To ward off this problem, boil 20 fresh guava leaves in 2 glasses of water to reduce it to 1 glass. Then add a pinch of salt and one teaspoon gooseberry (amla) powder to the boiled solution and use it as a mouthwash. It helps to relieve toothache and cures bleeding gums and bad breath. It can also heal mouth sores and inflammation.

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