Want to Get the Tone and Slim Legs: These 8 Yoga Asanas will Help you

yoga asana

Yoga asanas do have an answer for all your woes. If you do not want to go for squats and lunges, then let yoga come to your daily routine. It will help you to get your desired toned legs that can perfectly flaunt in summer dresses. So, practice these yoga poses to tone up your legs.

Bridge pose

Holding this pose for a minute can engage and helps in tightening your glutes and hamstrings. Besides this, the bridge pose will also help in stretching your spine and strengthening your back.

Chair pose

The chair pose tones the leg muscles excellently. This pose aims to the quadriceps and gluteal muscles. Besides this, it’s also excellent for toning your overall body and improving good posture and balance. Hold this asana for a long time is a bit tough. So, first, start with 20 seconds, then gradually increase the limit of your hold.

Butterfly pose

Butterfly pose targets the inner thigh muscles. It helps in soothing menstrual cramps. The butterfly pose makes your entire body flexible. The more you bring your legs close to the pelvis, the better the results.

Extended triangle pose

It stretches and strengthens the ankles, knees, and thighs. Apart from this, it also stretches your hamstrings, hips, shoulders, calves, groins, and spines. Doing this pose can also help you to stimulate abdominal organs, relieve stress, improves digestion, and also helps alleviate the symptoms of menopause.

Garland pose

This pose helps to strengthens your thighs and legs. Performing this asana can also help you to prevent from knee joint pain. Hold this pose as much your body supports you to do.

Crescent lunge pose

This yoga asana actively acts on the front and back thighs. Besides toning your legs, it also tones the butt. It also stretches the chest, torso, and shoulders. Regular practicing this yoga pose can help to build your balance and stability.

Downward facing pose

This pose helps to stretches and tones the muscles of arches, hands, hamstrings, and calves. The downward-facing pose also strengthens your arms and legs. This pose is helpful for both your physical and brain fitness. So, try doing this pose.

Warrior II pose

This pose strengthens legs, arms, hips, improves your balance. It’s excellent to tone your legs as it stretches your hips and groins.

Now no one can stop you from getting those toned legs. So, ladies, add these yoga asanas to your daily routine.

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