Know the Reasons Why Women Need Extra Sleep Than Men

Women Need Extra Sleep Than Men

Both men and women have different physical requirements. The study found that women body needs more rest than the man. They are more prone to sleep problems, depression, insomnia, etc. So, their mind needs more rest than the man.  A woman needs 7-9 hours of sleep to stay fit.

Here are the reasons:

Hectic Schedules

Women have a hectic schedule than men. They not only manage the household tasks but also maintain their professional life too. As a result, it exhausts the women both physically and mentally. Therefore, they need more sleep than a man.

Enough Rest

Women-Need-Extra-Sleep-Than-MenThe woman hardly gets any rest as compared to men. Even no woman is on leave on Sundays. On the weekend also she does not get rest, she is seen either serving her family or doing her duty. So, they deserve some more sleep.

Hormonal changes

When it comes to hormonal changes, women have to suffer a lot. From puberty, pregnancy to menopause, a woman attains many hormonal changes which impact their overall health. It makes their mind and body tired. Hence, the body requires more sleep.

Sleep deficiency leads to weight gain

Sleep deficiency often leads to weight gain. Women who cannot sleep well can lead to weight gain. Most of the overweight women have difficulty sleeping, so their sleep cycle gets upset. Apart from this, it leads to depression due to high cortisol level in the body and makes them overweight.


Women can do multiple things at a time. They are honestly a multitasker. It is therefore clear that they lose more energy than man.  A study shows that a woman requires more sleep than men for at least 20 minutes extra.

These are some of the genuine reasons why women need to sleep more than men. So, sleep well and live well.

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