Rakul Preet Shared Immunity-Boosting Tea That Can Keep Disease Away

Rakul Preet Singh

Healthy eating is a daily requirement these days. It helps not only in getting the required nourishment but also breaks the boredom.

At this time, the whole world is fighting with the coronavirus scare, and interestingly, celebrities are leaving no stone unturned to convey the right message across to their followers about the awareness of this deadly virus. From exercise to healthy recipes, celebrities are posting videos and photos on social media platforms from time to time.

All are taking defensive measures, whether it is to wear masks or using sanitizers. Besides these preventive steps, one also requires a sturdy metabolism and immunity to combat it all.

Recently, actress Rakul Preet Singh shared a picture of her immunity-boosting drink on Instagram.

Rakul’s immunity-boosting tea is a simple recipe, which you can make at home easily. You merely need a few ingredients to prepare this. All you need to do is add a pinch of ginger, pepper, turmeric, cinnamon, and cloves to 500 ml water. Let it boil till it becomes half. Add pure honey if you want. It tastes good and also a perfect replacement for caffeine.

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