These Yoga Postures will Give you Faster Hair Growth

hair growth

Yoga is an excellent way to keep hair healthy. It strengthens hair roots and controls hair loss. It stimulates oxygen and blood flow to the head and scalp area, providing them a good massage. As a result of this, hair follicles are renewed and nourished. Apart from this, yoga efficiently eases stress, which is responsible for falling hair.

Here are the postures that give you hair growth and reduces  hair fall:

Downward facing dog pose

It’s a part of the sun salutation, that is essentially the most useful yoga pose for the head, back, and sinus. It will help to reduce stress and depression and also beat insomnia. It stimulates blood circulation to the scalp, which helps to strengthen hair follicles and helps to hair regrow.

Headstand pose

This position helps direct blood flow to your scalp and brain. It increases blood circulation, which helps diminish hair loss, reduce hair thinning, and prevent balding. Besides this, it can help stop untimely graying of hair and helps to grow new hair. This yoga pose provides many vital nutrients to the hair roots and gives your mane a healthy and lustrous look.

Thunderbolt pose

It is quite a simple but effective yoga pose that helps to get rid of stress, which is one of the common causes of graying and hair loss. It boosts blood circulation in the scalp and activates hair. Doing this pose every day will promote hair health, and day by day will make your hair thick and healthy.

Shoulder stand pose

Shoulder stand pose is one of the best treatments for hair growth. It is pretty good for the thyroid, which induces hair fall. It is also efficient in dry and dull hair. This yoga pose helps to hydrate the scalp, nourish hair, and give gorgeous hair. It helps stop hair loss and falls and helps in growing new hair.

Back bending camel pose

It holds numerous benefits like better digestion, posture improvement, and back strength. Moreover, it can also help you get thick and healthy locks. It improves hair growth by stimulating the scalp nerves and raising blood flow in the head, which makes your hair healthy from roots and helps in controlling the problem of extreme hair fall.

Rabbit pose

Regular practicing this rabbit pose for at least 2 to 3 minutes can proffer you healthier tresses. It helps to reduce hair fall and is super beneficial for hair regrowth.

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